There are so many reasons to become a member of MRA that it would take several pages to share them all with you.  The short version is that MRA will save you time and money, and simplify your life as a housing provider.  We’ll list 7 of the benefits to show you what we mean.


  • Stay out of trouble.  There are a lot of pitfalls to fall into if you are renting properties in Northern Indiana.  For example, do you know what documents are necessary to provide a new renter regarding lead based paint?  How about the documents that MUST be filled out?  Do you really know what you must give the prospective renter to avoid hefty fines?  What about Code Enforcement issues and how to deal with them?  Or the required Rental Listing?  MRA members have these answers and are more than willing to share with you.


  • Where’s the best place to buy carpet?  Or clean carpets that your tenant has soiled?  Who’s giving deals on new furnace or a water heater installation?  What about an electrical re-wire at a reasonable price?  Do you just go to the Yellow Pages and pick a name or would you rather talk with someone who uses these sources all the time and can help you find the best at an affordable price?


  • Get tips to do your projects easier and faster.  Over the years, MRA members have discovered a multitude of shortcuts and time saving ideas to help you get your remodeling/renovating done quickly.  There’s nothing like having friends that will share with you what they have already learned the hard way.  Some MRA members feel that this type of information is the most valuable benefit that they get from our organization.


  • Find out what’s REALLY happening in the market.  MRA members know what’s going on in northern Indiana regarding property sales, rental rates, vacancies and possible pending legislation that affects our industry.  All this information will help you make better decisions whether you’re buying or selling and trying to analyze where the market is heading. 


  • Discover the latest tools and products.  Your friends in the association are eager to share new tool ideas and supplies that help them get a job done right.  Let our members help you discover these new things that might take you years to find out on your own. 


  • Monthly meetings for fellowship and profit.  We meet the second Thursday of every month where idea sharing and information is readily available.  Usually there is an expert speaker to give you specific information on a particular topic.  We’ve had accountants, lawyers, realtors, bankers and many others who have the goal of keeping you up to date and out of trouble. 


  • Monthly newsletter.  As a member, you will receive via email or the post office an action packed newsletter full of useful information that will give you an edge over the competition.  You could spend hundreds of dollars to get the same information that MRA provides its members every month. 

If you’re one of those who wants to make your life easier, make more money and have fewer problems, we would invite you to apply for MRA membership.  If you are a housing provider that is a cut above the rest and dedicated to our core values, we invite you to join us.  Dues are $50 including an emailed newsletter or $65 if you want a mailed copy.  Your membership will easily pay for itself multifold over the year with the contacts you make and what you learn.

Apply now and see what you’ve been missing.  You’ll wonder how you did business without our help. 

To join Michiana Rental Association please fill out the application and send it in. 

MRA Member Application